Daniel Y Kim, PhD

Principal Data Scientist at MakinaRocks

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Research Topics

I worked on the following two topics by means of statistical physics inspired approaces and large-scale data.

Digital Art History

Through analysis of European paintings available online, I have been quantitatively studying evolution of painting styles and color palette as well as relationships between individual artists' style and their career changes.

Technological Evolution

Through analysis of patent records provided by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, European Patent Office, and World Intellectual Property Organization, I have been investigating how technologies change over time.


2009 ~ 2020

Large-Scale Quantitative Analysis of Painting Arts

Daniel Kim, Seung-Woo Son, Hawoong Jeong. Scientific Reports 4, 7370 (2014).
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Media press

This paper was posted on Nature.com main page, being selected as a Nature Research Highlight (also held the first rank of the most viewed research highlight on Nature.com from 14 December 2014 to 14 January 2015).

Subsequently, it was introduced and covered in PNAS, Daily Mail Online, Business Insider Australia, 5 Korean TV news stations (Yeonhap news TV, YTN, KBS, MBC, and TJB) and 18 Korean major newspapers. [More info]

Book translations

Data visualizations

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Event Emergence Movie

This movie represents the evolution of events in the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty spanning 473 years.

Korean History Database N-gram

It is like Google N-gram but not exactly same. This visualization is based on the large-scale Korean historical database such as the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty spanning 472 years (1392-1863), the Daily Records of the Royal Secretariat spanning 272 years (1623-1894), and the Border Defense Council of Joseon spanning 276 year (1617-1892).

Worldwide Patent Citation Map

This country-level patent citation network was built with all of the Google patent HTML files up to December 2014.

Technology Category Network

This technology category network was buit with cumulative co-occurrence values between technology categories in the United States patent records.

Technology Code Strength Evolution

This movie shows the evolution of each node's strength in the co-occurrence network constructed by the U.S. patent records spanning 225 years, where a node indicates a 9-digit U.S. technology classification code in the U.S. patent records, the strength of a node is defined by the sum of neighboring link weights of the node, the radius and the opacity of a circle in this movie indicates the strength of a technology code, and the color of a circle represents its category.

Sillok Status Network

This interactive visualization is based on the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty spanning 472 years (1392-1863).

Curriculum Vitae

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